I’m just another mama on mat. leave, trying to save the world. My little guy O was born in June 08. J is my partner-in-crime. We live in Toronto. I blog about parenting & attachment/natural parenting, life in the city, anti-oppression, and anything else that crosses my mind.

Here are 25 random things about me:

1. I grew up in a small town but now I LOVE living in my city.
2. I plan to breastfeed my son for as long as he wants it.
3. I tend to over-share
4. I think I am too trusting
5. I’m really starting to get into this ‘social networking’ thing. I’m loving Twitter!
6. When I was a kid I wanted to be a writer. I have reams and reams of poorly written, over-dramatic prose in files on one of my parents’ old computers. I wonder if I could still access it?
7. My wedding day was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life. It was perfect from start to finish. I know that’s cheesy, but it’s true.
8. ! think Goddard College in Plainfield Vermont is the best school in the entire world. I am so sad that I was never able to finish my degree there. Stupid crappy Dept of Homeland Security!
9. I’m loving being a mom
10. I think the constant sleep deprivation is stopping me from loving it even more. For me, it’s the hardest thing about parenting right now.
11. I’m really proud of the fact that Owen didn’t eat anything but breastmilk for his first six months of life.
12. I’m really proud of my mom – she went back to school away from her family when she was 41 and now has her dream job. I think I’m really lucky that she’s my mom. She makes me laugh.
13. I had gave birth to Owen at home, in my own bed, after 6 hours of labour. I hope I can have such a great experience with all my kids.
14. I think I might want to have at least 3 children
15. I’m racist. I’m not proud of it, and I work every day to make that fact less true. If you want to learn more about anti-racism, start with the ‘Required Reading’ section of this amazing blog – http://theangryblackwoman.com/required-reading/
16. I’m so lucky to have found an amazing group of ‘mom friends’. You JunctionMamas are THE BEST!
17. I love having lots of siblings
18. I can write backwards – like mirror image backwards. I was bored a lot in school
19. I think I might end up homeschooling my kids. I think the education system is a huge machine for perpetuating hegemony (yes, I am a dirty commie 🙂 )
20. I love my job – I have amazing co-workers and I am constantly pushed to be better and do better and be more real.
21. I’m a really good swimmer.
22. I own the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD and have watched it through at least 6 times.
23. When I was really little (this is one of my first memories) I used to think it wasn’t fair that everyone could see inside my head, but I couldn’t see inside theirs.
24. I am really sad that there are no more Harry Potter books.
25. If I could have another life, I would be a children’s librarian, or an architect.


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