He’s just not a stroller baby

Or maybe I’m just not a stroller mom.

I’ve been taking O out in his stroller a bit over the past week. We want him to get a bit more used to it, so that his grandparents can take him for walks. It’s gone alright, I guess. He hasn’t screamed – which is what he used to do.

It’s been months since we hauled it out – for a while he didn’t have a snowsuit, so it wasn’t even possible to take him out in it in this cold weather. Then he got a snowsuit for Xmas, so no more excuses.

I’m a stroller newbie. I don’t know how to dress him for it, I’m not very good at negotiating the snowy sidewalks – it’s just not comfortable. I tend to bump into people by accident, and I’m always afraid I’ll lose my grip on the handle going down a hill. I did find myself enjoying the ‘shopping cart ‘ thing, though. You can really stuff that basket full of stuff!

By the time we got home yesterday, I found myself longing for some babywearing cuddlies from my little guy. I popped him in the ringsling and did some tidying. It felt good. O is not a very cuddly baby – there’s too much to see and do to waste time snuggling with mama. So pretty much the only time I get my cuddles in are when he’s in the carrier.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those moms who think strollers are like rolling ‘neglect-o-mobiles’ or anything. Babywearing is what works for us, most of the time. I’m glad we have the stroller option, and I really like the stroller we chose (Baby Jogger brand – CityMini, if anyone’s interested!). I can see that we may use it more as O gets bigger, and the weather gets nicer. I’m a babywearer at heart, though, and I plan on strapping him in as long as he’ll let me!

What about you? Are you a stroller mom/dad? What kind of stroller/babycarrier to you have? A friend once said to me that she did more research on what stroller to get than she did on what car to buy. I can beleive it.


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  1. I prefer to carry, but as they get bigger and more mobile and you need to get other stuff it becomes less workable (in the summer I carried the 25lbs boy, 2 large water melons, a sack of potatoes and a few more veggies home from the farmers market — rawr I stopped about 9 times to catch by breath). We’ve gone through 3 or four strollers as we just get whatever is available at the 2nd hand place. Our first week in the snow we lost a wheel — they aren’t made for the snow.

    This winter, since X is so much bigger we’ve been using a sled and that’s be great but awkward on the subway. We also got a wagon left behind by the former owners and that is good when the sidewalks have been mostly cleared and the roads aren’t snowny enough for the sled.

    If you need to take the stroller in the snow — don’t have double wheels and try for as large of a wheel as you can get.

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